WOT-A-HEN is fast becoming a prominent name in the growing, free range egg market.
Founded in 2016 as a subsidiary brand of Warrendale Farms.

We are looking for landowners and investors across the country who are interested in our proposal. This requires the investor to have possession of 80 suitable acres for the construction of a free-range poultry unit whilst having access to funds of around £2.5m for the project build. The returns offered are 10pc on the capital sum invested (£2.5m returns £250k gross per annum). The term of the agreement is to be 20 years.

If you’d like to become a WOT-A-HEN business partner or for more information, please contact us:

Wot-A-Hen, Quarry House, Cattle Hill, Warter, York, Yorkshire, YO42 1XG